The Keurboom Park Association was formed in May 2009:

The aims and objectives of the Keurboom Park Association (KPA) are to provide a safe and clean natural space, to conserve the diversity of plants and animals in the Park and to develop Keurboom Park by:

  • Providing a direct link between the City of Cape Town (the Council) and the user community.
  • Giving guidance to the Council in prioritizing the needs and wishes of the Park user community.
  • Entering into a written agreement with the Council as to the committed services the Council or its sub-contractors will provide for the Park.
  • Drawing up a medium and long term plan for the Park.
  • Compiling an annual budget of proposed expenditure to be financed from the Councils capital expenditure budget and from Ward allocations.
  • Implementing, by way of donations and fund raising, additional improvements to and projects for the Park for which the Council has no funds.

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N.B. Important Information regarding guidelines on hosting parties at Keurboom Park

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