We trust that you will enjoy your visit to the park, however to ensure that all visitors have a pleasant time, we request some simple rules be adhered to:

1. Dogs under control may run free over the whole area except the enclosed play area and the area around the swings, seesaw, etc.

2. We do earnestly request owners of dogs to pick up their dogs' poo and place in the poo bin. Please feel free to make use of the plastic bag dispensers should you not have your own bags.

3. We understand that it is safer to ride a bicycle in the park that on public roads, however we do ask that cyclists give way to persons walking in the park, particularly older persons.

4. In the interest of safety, no motorised scooters, motorbikes, etc. may be used in the park. Motorised wheelchairs may be used.

5. Please use the refuse bins for any paper, bags, tins, bottles, etc. that you have brought to the park.